Tenant Information

Tenant information
Upon signing your Lease Agreement, you will be provided a guide for tenants written by Consumer Affairs Victoria. You can also view this guide here.

Condition Report
You will receive a condition report (and any inventory list if the property is furnished) upon move in, where you will need to cross-check the report with the condition of your property. You are then required to sign EACH page and return to your property manager within THREE business days.

Rent Payments
Rent is due monthly in advance. We have employed DEFT services to provide free next business day transactions via BPay. Rent can be paid by credit card through DEFT, please note surcharges apply. Bank cheques are also accepted. We do not accept personal cheques.
If you cannot pay your rent on time you MUST advise your property manager.

Routine Inspections
During a tenancy you will have periodic routine inspections of your leased property. As a tenant you will be provided notice prior to a routine inspection. During a routine inspection your property manager will check your residence to review the up keep of the property and try identify any maintenance that might need attending to. Routine Inspections are performed in the first 3months and then every 6 months after that until you vacate.

At any time during your tenancy where you have maintenance that needs attending to you must contact your property manager in writing; email or text message are sufficient. Or click ‘Here’ to fill in a maintenance request form. A trade’s person will then be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time to gain access to your property.
If you have urgent repairs/maintenance that is after hours, please call the emergency contact number on the back page of your lease immediately after you become aware of the problem.
Urgent repairs are listed in “Renting a home. A guide for tenants”.

Pets will be considered upon application. If you wish to have a pet live or stay with you at any time during your tenancy you must notify your property manager so this can be discussed with the landlord.