Building Management

PropertyX has built a reputation since its early days for providing property management services with excellent care. That high level of care saw us grow within several apartment complexes to become the majority property management company.

Managing the majority of apartments meant we had a close communication with all residents, be them owner occupier or renters. Our high availability to be reached via email or phone lead us to becoming the caretakers of the common areas as well.

For several years, this was an unspoken service we provided many Owners Corporations with, as we grew our Property Management rent roll from one building to the next.

2016 saw us formalise this service into a standalone business, led by the same leadership team, but with all new processes and procedures geared towards providing a full comprehensive building management and care-taking service.

Using our economies of scale, process efficiency and our now extensive portfolio, we attach a full time building management service to our building cleaning contracts. We are therefore able to provide small Strata buildings (commercial and residential) an all-round service for the same outlay as just cleaning, without breaking the budget.

Current Portfolio: